ICBIX Co., Ltd. (Inter Connected Businesses) was established in 2010 as a ROC media technology company headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Since conception, ICBIX has rapidly evolved as a competitive player in the local digital infrastructure market. With properties extending into cloud infrastructure, data analytics and creative media, ICBIX has the capacity to effectively distribute and analyze data globally. With partners in a range of market sectors, ICBIX possesses the ability to rapidly scale in many business scenarios.

Hybrid-Centralized Platform

ICBIX believes that cloud infrastructure does not necessarily have to exist in expensive, centralized datacenters,  but can be brought to your premises. We have developed our ICBEdge IoT platform from the ground-up to ensure any internet-connected device can be allocated for compute tasks at a moment’s notice ensuring maximum performance for both the host and client. By moving compute infrastructure to the on-premise level, ICBEdge allows the end user to better control and leverage network performance, minimizing (and in many cases eliminating) egress bandwidth fees. In addition, ICBEdge nodes can be setup on your premises to expand the global ICBEdge infrastructure and offer you ICB fee credits.

From digital billboards to desktop computers to smart routers, the potential for on-premise edge computing is limitless.

Cutting Edge Technology, Traditional Principles

Although we champion new innovative technologies, ICBIX as a company is based on traditionalist principles (ICBValues) including but not limited to: freedom of speech, dignity above profit and being a responsible corporate entity. ICBIX believes free speech is a sacred virtue that every human deserves, that’s why we preference being systematically de-platformed by our providers over terminating lawful users who happen to express a viewpoint that our providers disagree with. ICBIX values dignity over profit, hence we have positioned humans at the forefront of our labor force. We have all the technology (and financial incentive) necessary to completely replace our entire workforce with next generation automation, but we won’t.

ICBIX believes in being a responsible corporate entity, this means we will never sell off nor allow investors to alter our core values. ICBIX is a privately held company and it always will be (we will never be lured to join any stock exchanges or ever IPO), even if it means limiting our financial capabilities and growth. We will never take loans even if it means our services grow at a more moderate pace. Loans, usury and interest are symptoms of a dying society and hence, at ICBIX, we desire to avoid it at all costs (except our predictable 10% monthly flat rate overdue fee :).

Are you ready to join “The Network Without Compromise?”