ICBIX Co., Ltd. (Integrated Companies and Businesses Internet Exchange) was established in 2010 as a Taiwanese conglomerate headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Since conception, ICBIX has rapidly evolved as a competitive player in the local digital infrastructure market. With properties extending into cloud networking, unconventional data analytics and creative media, ICBIX has the capacity to effectively distribute information globally.

ICB IXFabric™ is at the core of the ICB Platform and is the framework of the ICBIX infrastructure. IXFabric™ is a dynamic and scalable instance deployment and management neural-network. IXFabric™ analyzes pricing schemes and automatically manages distributed instances to effectively leverage instance performance.

An Instance can be a business, virtual server or IoT asset which is automatically leveraged for maximum productivity and lowest cost. With partners in every sector of the market, ICBIX possesses the ability to rapidly scale in every business scenario.

ICBIX FabricNAT™ enables you to peer with our virtual internet exchange systems, hosted dynamically across carrier neutral and redundant service providers. With FabricNAT™, IP-masking allows you to customize your peering experience and configure branding on your subnet ranges, this allows you to operate a professional network while slashing costs of conventional market peering with other internet exchanges.

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